Подготовка к сдаче IELTS

Overpopulation if unchecked will bring about the destruction of this planet. Discuss ways of controlling this problem.

Although there is no longer an immediate threat of nuclear war, peace seems as elusive as ever. In order to address this problem, the United Nations should be given a stronger role in global affairs in order to bring about world peace.

Good health is a basic human right, however in a growing number of countries today, access to health care depends on socio-economic status. This is discriminatory and should not be the basis for access to good health care. Discuss.

Women have been disadvantaged in the workplace for decades and so they should now receive special assistance in the form of education and incentives, etc. Discuss.

Pollution is a very serious problem today. What level of pollution should we tolerate? Discuss examples of the different types of pollution.

What are the effects of global warming? Suggest some recommendations to minimize these effects.

Passive smoking kills. The most vulnerable section of the population are both the unborn and the very young children as their lungs are still developing. For this reason, smoking in public places should be prohibited. Discuss.

The level of serious crime is escalating alarmingly. Give some suggestions to control this trend.

How can we address the problem of the increasing illiteracy trend in many highly developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom?

How can the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor be narrowed?

In countries like Japan stress is becoming a major problem. Suggest some ways to control this trend.

Rainforests are a valuable resource and as such we should phase out indiscriminate logging. Discuss.