Темы эссе:       Выражение мнения             За и Против                Решение проблемы

Сочинение За и Против

Сочинение по теме За и Против является частью формального вида сочинения, в котором тема рассматривается с противоположных точек зрения. Вы должны представить обе точки зрения, рассматривая их объективно и одинаково подробно.

Обычно хорошее сочинение такого типа должно состоять из :
1). Вступительный параграф, в котором вы ясно обозначаете тему обсуждения, не давая свое мнение по ней.
2). Основная часть в этом параграфе рассматриваются точки зрения За и Против и приводятся ваши доказательства, примеры и причины.
3). Заключительный параграф, в котором вы даете свое мнение и приводите сбалансированный вывод по теме.

Примечание: В этом типе сочинения разрешается применять слова показывающее ваше мнение (I think, I believe, In my opinion, etc.) только в заключительной части сочинения, где вы приводите свое мнение по теме.

Следует помнить

Составьте список позиций За и Против, прежде чем начнете писать сочинение.

Каждый параграф должен начинаться с предложения, которое раскрывает тему параграфа. Например: In addition, many people feel reading is a relaxing and worthwhile activity. – Многие люди считают, что чтение является хорошим времяпрепровождением и отдыхом.

– Для выражения своего мнения не используйте неформальный стиль (сокращения, разговорный язык и проч.) или сильные выражения. (Например, I know …, etc.). Выражайте свое мнение неэмоциональным способом (e.g. It seems that, I therefore feel …, etc.).

– Известные цитаты, имеющие отношение к теме вашего сочинения, сделают его более интересным.

Примечание: Хотя сочинение является сбалансированным, но если вдруг окажется, что какая-то сторона, За или Против, получается более аргументирована, то эти аргументы и доводы следует размещать в последних параграфах, которые приведут читателя к вашему заключению.

Для примера 3 образца сочинений:

1. Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping poorer nations in such areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Some countries may see the word “help” as opportunity to take advantage. And if you say to “take more responsibilities” in this context what do you mean?
Many reach nations use the bad situation in poor countries to make money from the low cost of labor and natural resources. They build factories, industrial zones that cause ecological damages by pollution and wrong using of fields, forests and rivers. Also they cause damage to human resources. People work many hours a day, in bad working conditions badly affecting health. So called assistance to poor countries by making new job opportunities and bringing new technologies in fact becomes destruction of human resources and the countries.

Other reach countries help to increase standard of living in weak countries by means of building political stability and investing money in health, education and tourism. Today we see the examples on Africa continent. The developed nations long term exploitation led to civil wars, diseases and starvation .And now a new era of prosperity begins due to new way of assistant, which is expressed not in taking advantage but in sharing knowledge, making the tourists trips, trading and having sport’s arranging. This way may bring the poor countries to wealth, education and economical growth, the more the reach countries take responsibilities in such areas the better living standard will be.

Taking into the regard the above said I believe that it is necessary to help poor countries to improve health, education and trade but do this with open heart and not persuade selfish interests.

2. It is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be. Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought closer together. Include any relevant examples from your experience.

It becomes normal in our days that the majority of the families are not so closed as they used to be. The family ties gradually fall apart and the families spent less time together today. There are several reasons for this problem.

First reason is intensive life and work competition. Human population permanently rises, so there are not enough opportunities to find good vacancies. The modern employers’ demands to stay many hours at work and frequently to work on holidays. How many times have you planned to have a fun with your family in a public garden or visit parents and your boss asked you to arrive to the work? “The work is our second house someone said”, I believe it is the first one. In addition women became an important part of labor market nowadays; this is not like it was in the past, when woman ran and kept family traditions and unity. This is the main reason of degradation of family closeness and ties.

There is another reason weakening family relationships. Before traveling from place to place took much time, today it takes a dozen of minutes, so family’s members often move to other cities or countries. For example I have relatives in three different cities, and we seldom see each other. In fact the technology progress seriously distances us.

Less and less natural places are remained for the population growth. Megalopolises demand more and more space, thus suburbs and countries disappear. For this reason it is no chance for families to spend the time together and strengthen their connection. It takes three hour to my family to get to the public garden, and I don’t have this time.

I have several suggests according to said above: First, arrange the four days working week, second, the family members have to dwell in the same area close to each other, at last , appeal to the authorities to preserve the green isles of real nature in sea of concrete and steel.

To sum up, it is very important to keep close relations within family and assist each other and rise the new generation in good ambience.

3. The technological and industrial development opens to people wide opportunities for professional and career growth. Highly qualified work positions provide to skilled workers interesting job, respect, wealthy and stable life. These facts attract more young people to colleges and universities. More students are graduated and more professionals are entering the job market. It results in the shortage of job positions. So people that will have more then one degree will be more successful in finding job.

I think that this trend has both positive and negative features. Obviously, that a competition is a positive thing. It selects and advances skilled people and stimulates development of sciences, technologies and industry. The competition forces students to learn better, and encourages professionals to improve their skills and knowledge. From the other side, there are some negative consequences. Firstly, the high education has been devaluated by a large number of graduates. These young specialists do not have any professional experience, and as a result, they have grate difficulties in finding job. Secondly, many people are studying subjects like history, arts and languages. These studies provide general knowledge and education, but do not supply a profession that is required in the market. So these high educated graduates will sooner reinforce the army of unemployed professionals. Thirdly, a high education requires many years of study. With the rapid technological progress, the academic knowledge might become out of date. This situation will require additional courses and re-qualifications.

I believe that there are many solutions for these problems. It seems essential for students to start working in professional field while they are studying. Some professional experience will give them a better understanding of the future job and will help them to manage their future. I think that a government should encourage these programs and support both employers and students in this activity.

Generally, such programs may improve the unemployment situation, help students to find professional jobs, and provide employers with experienced workers.